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Jail Name:
California Health Care Facility (CHCF)
Jail Type:
State Prison
CHCF provides medical care and mental health treatment to inmates who have the most severe and long term needs. The 1.4 million square foot facility is certified to provide intermediate level care and to complement less acute treatment provided in other prisons operated by the CDCR. This facility provides both outpatient and inpatient mental health services for patients with a serious mental disorder. The licensed Psychiatric Inpatient Program at this facility is designed to provide more intensive treatment for patients who cannot function adequately or stabilize in an outpatient program. The 54-building complex is located in South Stockton on the site of the former Karl Holton Youth Correctional Facility. It provides housing and treatment for 2,951 inmate-patients provided by a professional health care staff of 2,500. House inmate-patients of all security levels efficiently Provide acute medical and mental health treatment safely and cost effectively Provide opportunities for rehabilitation with programs such as vocational and academic training and substance abuse treatment
7707 Austin Road
Zip Code:
Phone 1:
Judicial District:
Stockton, CA
Inmate Mail 1:
Inmate's Name and CDCR number California Health Care Facility, Stockton Facility A, P.O. Box 31960, Stockton, CA 95213 Facility B, P.O. Box 32110, Stockton, CA 95213 Facility C, P.O. Box 32200, Stockton, CA 95213 Facility D, P.O. Box 32080, Stockton, CA 95213 Facility E, P.O. Box 32290, Stockton, CA 95213
Staff Mail:
Staff Name California Health Care Facility P.O. Box 32050, Stockton, CA 95213
7707 Austin Road, 95215, Stockton, California
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Open 24 hours
Visiting Tuesday:
Open 24 hours
Visiting Wednesday:
Open 24 hours
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Open 24 hours
Visiting Friday:
Open 24 hours
Visiting Saturday:
7:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Visiting Sunday:
7:30 AM - 2:30 PM
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7:30 AM - 4:30 PM