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Sacramento County, CA Public Records

Per the state Public Records act, Sacramento County public records include all documents created and maintained by governing agencies, except where they are excluded. Sacramento public records include handwritten data or typed information. In Sacramento, county birth records from 1850 onwards are available to the public, provided they are short-term copies. These can be accessed at the County Clerk’s office. Death records may also be accessed in person or via mail from 1850 onwards. The county makes divorce records available for any person. To get these records, one has to complete a public file request. Mail requests for divorce records may also be made via a request for copies of Family Law Records. An Assessor maintains property records. Anyone who wants owner information may also contact the Assessor’s office.

Courts in Sacramento County

Court Records in Sacramento County, California

Court records are classified as public documents in Sacramento County. These include the records from civil, family, and criminal courts. There are three ways to access records. The first is going to the courthouse and requesting to view paper records. Alternatively, one can go to the courthouse in person and view electronic records. The third and most convenient option is accessing court records over the web. This is only provided for non-confidential or high-profile cases. The public case access system does not have any restrictions for applicants. The courts charge 50 cents a page for searching and downloading records through the online platform but viewing them at the courthouse is free. A sex offender registry is also publicly available. It details the names and locations of offenders in the county.

Court Name:

Jails and Prisons in Sacramento County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Sacramento County, California

Sacramento inmate records are considered public information per the Public Records act. Though, the information is maintained by the County Sheriff’s office, which offers an inmate online search tool. Using the lookup function, anyone can search inmate records by name or booking number. The tool will yield the inmate's physical description, criminal records, current charges, and the facility they have been booked. Inmates may get visits twice a week though these have to be scheduled in advance. It would also mean contacting the facility to confirm if the inmate can receive visits. Sacramento County has there are 14 jails and prisons in Sacramento County serving a population of 1.589 million residents. It is also ranked 55th out of the 58 counties in the state in jails per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
501 I STREET, SUITE 9-400
4000 Branch Center Road

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Sacramento County

Arrest Records in Sacramento County, California

Law enforcement agencies in Sacramento County create and maintain arrest and police records. These form part of the criminal records though not all are available to the public because they may be part of an ongoing investigation or include sensitive information. Arrest records also form part of the criminal history, which are not subject to disclosure considering the Public Records Act. Arrest records are then confidential, and access is regulated. By that metric, anyone interested in getting arrest record copies in Sacramento should display a legitimate right or need to know. That eligibility is had by law enforcement, parties to a case, close relatives, and legal representatives. There are 39 police departments in Sacramento County, and the crime rate is 39 per 1000 residents.

Police Departments Name:
4500 Orange Grove Avenue

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