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Sonoma County, CA Public Records

Sonoma County public records include any writing, audio, and video material that contains information concerning business prepared, utilized, or stored by local government agencies. Public records are also available for viewing and inspection without having to provide a reason, provided they do not contravene any legal exemption. Vital records, for example, fall under these exemptions. Births, deaths, marriages, and divorce are only available to close relations, law enforcement personnel, spouses, legal representatives, or the person on the record. Birth certificates may cost $28 per copy, while marriage papers are $21. Property records are also accessible to the public unless they are exempt according to local laws or by the state constitution. These can be obtained from the County Assessor’s office.

Courts in Sonoma County

Court Records in Sonoma County, California

Sonoma County court records are accessible to all interested parties, provided there are no legal restrictions involved. The county is home to the Superior Court of California, which handles civil, criminal, family, and probate cases. Interested record seekers may visit the courthouse in person at any of the four locations in Santa Rosa. Requesters can get copies of the court records from the court clerk’s offices in person or via mail. The clerk charges 50 cents per page for records and an additional $25 if it is certified. Alternatively, record seekers can visit the case search portal. The platform shows court calendars but does not provide case information. On site, public access is available from the Hall of Justice in Room 107J. Some court records, though, will not be available to all requesters, especially if they include juveniles, domestic or sexual abuse, or child custody.

Court Name:
600 Administration Drive
Santa Rosa

Jails and Prisons in Sonoma County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Sonoma County, California

Sonoma County public records are available to the public per open records laws. These records are produced and maintained by the County Sheriff’s office, which manages the detention facilities. The office also issues an online search tool allowing all parties to view the inmate’s profile. Individuals can see the person’s physical description, criminal charges, bond information, and sentencing information. Inmates are also allowed visitation on a weekly basis though this has to be scheduled in advance. Visitors also have to adhere to the facility regulations, such as wearing appropriate clothing and providing government-issued identification at the facilities. Friends and family are allowed to deposit money to the inmate’s account via a kiosk which is situated in the lobby of the facility. Sonoma County has six jails and prisons.

Jails and Prisons Name:
7425 Rancho Los Guilicos Road, Dept. A
Santa Rosa
7400 Steve Olson Lanne

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Sonoma County

Arrest Records in Sonoma County, California

Sonoma County arrest records are available to all record seekers, provided the information is not sealed as per legal restrictions. This information includes the person’s physical details, the arresting officer, witness statements, and the circumstances leading to the arrest. The reports are generated and maintained by law enforcement agencies like the sheriff’s office or police departments. Requesters may contact the sheriff’s office for these records, and they will respond within ten days concerning the availability. Some records are not available for inspection, especially if they have ongoing criminal investigations, abuse, child custody, or juveniles. There are 16 police departments in Sonoma County, and the crime rate is 29.33 per 1,000 residents. It is ranked 35th out of 58 counties in stations per capita.

Police Departments Name:
2796 Ventura Avenue
Santa Rosa

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