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Santa Clara County, CA Public Records

Santa Clara classifies public records as any official documentation maintained by government agencies while operating general business. These records can be handwritten or typed. Public records also include films, images, tape recordings, and social media. These are accessible to the public, provided the records do not entail pending litigation, threats to national security, individual tax reports, ongoing police investigations, or juvenile cases. Marriage records after 1850 are available from the Santa Clara County Recorder. Divorce records, though, are accessed at the Santa Clara County Superior court. Both birth and death records from 1873 are public records and available via the Clerk Recorder’s office. Santa Clara property records are public records accessed at the Office of the Assessor. Residents can get information on these properties, like assessed value, document number, and property address.

Courts in Santa Clara County

Court Records in Santa Clara County, California

Citizens are allowed to view Santa Clara County court records for most cases. Some instances, like ongoing investigations, national security, and juvenile cases, imply confidential information. There are different ways to access court records, though. Courthouses, mainly, keep official records of cases. Requesters can visit the courts to see these records. In special cases, though, the judge can allow remote access via the internet when there is public interest in the case. Alternatively, requesters can utilize the case information portal to see records for criminal, small claims, and probate cases. The Clerk's office typically also charges 50 cents a page for preparing copies of documents. Members of the public also have access to sex offender registries. The county search tool provides a name and address for all registered sex offenders within the vicinity.

Court Name:
333 West Santa Clara Street Suite 1060
San Jose

Jails and Prisons in Santa Clara County

Find Inmate Search and Jail Records in Santa Clara County, California

Inmate records detail the detainee’s personal, criminal, and medical history while in custody. Santa Clara inmate records are accessed at the Sheriff’s office. Requesters have to provide names or booking numbers to get accurate results. Inmates may receive visitors daily except on Wednesdays, depending on the facility. Religious figures, legal representatives, and bondmen can visit inmates anytime. Visit appointments have to be done days in advance, and they are on a first-come, first-served basis. Each inmate is also allowed a 60-minute visit duration on weekdays and another on the weekends. Santa Clara has 10 jails and prisons, serving 1.886 million residents. The county is ranked 58th out of 58 in jails per capita.

Jails and Prisons Name:
601 El Camino Real
601 El Camino Real
700 All American Way

Police Departments and Sheriff Offices in Santa Clara County

Arrest Records in Santa Clara County, California

Arrest records are a combination of reports created by law enforcement following an individual's detainment. These include the suspects’ physical details, previous rap sheet, the arresting officer, and events that led to the arrest. Police reports add to these records unless an exception applies, like an ongoing investigation. Santa Clara arrest records are available to the public in accordance with the California Public Records Act. Requesters can access arrest records in the county from the Sheriff’s office in person or by mail. For criminal records, though, it should be noted that individuals can only obtain their criminal records. There are 13 police departments in Santa Clara County, and the crime rate is 30 per 1000 residents.

Police Departments Name:

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